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ADMISSUS provides one-stop consulting services for applicants that are interested in applying for a Bachelor’s Degree at a foreign university. Applicants should start their application process beginning in their final year of study. Better yet, applicants should begin the process three years before graduation. The Admissus programme consists of the following:

Step One: After logging in and registering, the applicant must provide:

  • Official transcripts, scores on standardised admission exams and language tests;
  • Certificates of awards, achievements, scholarships, and participation in special programmes as well as letters of support from former instructors;
  • The five top choices of universities and the preferred programmes at each institution.

Step Two: The consultant will prepare an admissions file that includes:

  • An evaluation of the client’s background, academic qualifications and language skills;
  • A profile of the five chosen university’s communities including support groups and other helpful information;
  • An evaluation of the chosen institutions’ admissions processes, and an assessment of the client’s fitness for particular programmes.

Step Three: The consultant will provide advice and assistance with:

  • Editing, proofreading and polishing all the necessary documentation and written requirements and will ensure the timely filing of all documentation;
  • Interview preparation for online interviews, if required by the university;
  • Advice concerning scholarships, internships, work-study and language immersion programmes.

Through regular contact with clients via video chats and e-mail, your Admissus consultant will not only help you find the best fitting programmes and universities but will also help the universities find the best-qualified students. Because of the particular nature of the admissions process, Admissus cannot guarantee acceptance to any college or university.

For more details concerning the programme, including prices, please register and contact Dr Duncan at [email protected].

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